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Bailey's Top Four Premium Cigars for 2023

Mr. Punch on an adventure!
Mr. Punch finally makes it onto a Bailey's Best Seller list.

Last week we started Bailey's 2023 Best Sellers countdown. This week we reveal our top four sellers. We sold at least 1000 units of each! As you can tell from the picture, Punch finally made it onto the list! With that, we present Bailey's Top 4 Best Selleing Premium CIgars for 2023.

A 6x60 Gordo - we carry both the Habano and Maduro. Either is a solid premium cigar at an exceptional price! The Habano is all Habano tobacco - filler, binder, and wrapper - blending Honduran and Nicaraguan tobaccos. The Maduro features a Connecticut Broadleaf Wrapper, Indonesian Binder, and Nicaraguan Fillers. We sell plenty of both. Which is your favorite?

Number Three: Artista Fugly

This is the only cheroot we sell. Cheroots have no binder and are not placed in molds (giving them a more rugged look). The Fugly Claro has a Dominican Corojo Wrapper with Nicaraguan and Dominican Fillers. The Maduro features a San Andreas Wrapper with Fillers from Nicaragua and the United States. Each packs a bit of a nicotine punch, and goes great with a cup of coffee!

Number Two: Arturo Fuente Curly Head Deluxe

About as inexpensive as a premium cigar can get! Fuente's Curly Head Deluxe comes in Natural and Maduro. They are both a Cuban Sandwich blend of long and short Dominican fillers. The Binders are both Dominican, with either a Connecticut or Connecticut Broadleaf Wrapper. These come in a size best described as a panatela.

One of our top sellers since we opened the doors in 2020, that Sugar Cane Cigar was the best seller of 2023! We sell both the Sun Grown and Maduro wrappers in a variety of sizes. We have both in the Cigarillo, Robusto, and Toro sizes. We also carry the Sun Grown 6x60 or Gordito, and the Maduro Churchill. If you haven't tried these, find out why we sold over 2000 units!

There you have it! We've now covered Bailey's Ten Best Selling Premium Cigars for 2023. The many special releases that come out each year - Amazon Basin, Andulusian Bull, Drew Estate Pigs, Punch Zodiac, Rare Pinks, or the Yagua won't ever sell enough to make the list - but we do get them! Also, we haven't mentioned any of the new lines we now carry - Canimao, Casa de Suenos, Crowned Heads, and King's Cask. Stop in and pick up a best seller, an old favorite, or something new. We look forward to seeing you in 2024!

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