AI, Consciousness, and Cigars

In a recent article, Deepak Chopra discusses problems facing AI development. It isn’t a difficult read and worth the time exploring this topic. His perspective, though, got us thinking about smoking cigars (imagine that)...

There is often much talk of having a grass cutting or fishing cigar, essentially a cigar you smoke while busy doing something else. We all have smoked a cigar while our mind is elsewhere. The best way to enjoy a cigar, though, is to do so consciously.

Much work goes into each premium cigar and they deserve our attention. While a good cigar offers respit from the mundane or just an escape from the daily grind, each premium cigar is worth savoring. So keep smoking but do so consciously. Notice the feel of the cigar, try a dry draw every so often, toast the cigar sometimes before lighting it and smoking. In short, slow down and enjoy yourself, but stay aware.


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