Bailey's Inaugural Annual Pipe Smoking Competition

The name may be Bailey's Cigar Room, but we also sell pipes and pipe tobacco. Some of our regular pipe smokers were discussing the finer points of keeping a pipe lit one day. One thing led to another, and the conversation turned to the idea of a competition. A little research yielded several sets of rules. We combined these to create our competition rules.

The next step was to find some sponsors. Both Sutliff Tobacco and Missouri Meerschaum Pipes stepped in with prizes and more! Thanks Michelle Moran and Marilyn Lanning!

No competition is complete without a midway and vendors! In addition to the usual Cajun Market donuts Destiny Pontiff provided some delicious cookies, special ashtrays from Cajun Keezer were on display, Envangelia D Designs showed up with some new tumblers, and Kirk Dupre provided jams on his guitar box guitars. Yeah, it was busy. The pre-light hype led to a tension felt throughout the shop...

The smoking got under way about 2PM under the watchful eyes of Umpire Graham Beduze. With a final smoking time of over 52 minutes, Charlie Hunt was declared da winnah and champeen!! 🏆

Plans are already in the works for challengers at next year's event!


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