Consciousness & Cigars

In a recent LinkedIn article, Deepak Chopra points out the flaw in some very basic questions about consciousness. He combines ten questions posed in New Scientist into one, "Can we explain consciousness at all?" He provides some explanation for the simple answer, "no."

Consciousness isn't a thing, process, object, or phenomena! Dr. Chopra points out that "consciousness creates, governs, and controls reality." Cigar smokers seem to grasp this! We speak of smoking a cigar as an escape, but not from consciousness. A cigar allows one to focus on something other than the troubles of the day or physical ailments. It can be a stress reliever, or a gateway to creativity. It may even be said that smoking a cigar allows one to enhance their consciousness...

Grab your favorite cigar, get a suitable beverage, read the article, and contemplate consciousness...


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