Contemplating Satellites

Two news pieces about satellites appeared on the same day! News stories about the same topic appearing on different media outlets isn't really new, but the focus isn't usually something as out there as satellites...

The Hustle published a very thorough piece examining the possible long and short term impacts of our increasing use of satellites (and their proliferation). In case you missed the hoopla - private companies can now transport people and goods to space. We can't all have a jet pack just yet, but anybody with $250,000 can get a ticket to space!

The same day, CBS Sunday Morning ran a piece about all the junk in space - and the problems trash flying at 17,000 mph can cause. The danger is made most clear when one realizes multiple nations have plans to send up more satellites and Matt Desch, CEO of Iridium, points out that "there's not even the simplest thing of ensuring that people don't fly at the same altitude. You're just asking for problems."

Scary stuff!

Time to get an adult beverage, find a comfortable spot, light a cigar, and contemplate the night sky - before it comes falling down on us. Now, which cigar???


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