Focus on the Task, not Time

One of the more enduring results of the current pandemic may be the changes to how we work...

People are still quitting jobs even as employers struggle to fill positions. There have been multiple articles written about the Great Resignation and hybrid work. Tammy Erickson, though, was preaching a task oriented model long before we heard of COVID-19!

Any manager or coach who has encouraged a team to "git 'er done", or any employee who has been dismayed by rules that required work to stop before a task is completed understands the concept. Mitzi Branvold provides a nice contrast of time-based versus task based work models. The big difference is a focus on results - not workday, nor work hours, nor place, etc.

The time may finally have arrived where many of us can fit work around the rest of our life instead of fitting our lives into the space left after work. In a recent Hustle article, Mark Dent encourages us to "break our addiction to the clock and see where we can go."

Some of you are already experimenting with this approach by working from Bailey's one day a week or month. We'd encourage you to consider doing paperwork or online training from your favorite smoking location with your favorite cigar. Maybe blend an online herf with your Zoom calls, or have client meetings over a cigar! At the very least, spend more time enjoying yourself (and good cigars) and less time working...


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