For Good or Bad - Xmas is Poinsettia Time

At the United States' northern border (just south of Niagara Falls) poinsettias are featured in an amazing flower and light show (Floral Showhouse Poinsettia Show through 9 January 2022). While to the south, poinsettismo is "a popular term for officious Yankee meddling." Quite a change from North to South!

Most of us simply think of the poinsettia as a beautiful plant used for decorating at Xmas time. However, there is plenty of history and intrigue hidden under those beautiful leaves. A Washington Post article from 2019 delves into the involvement of the Freemasons. A recent Hustle article offers more insight into the economics of poinsettia growing. Each begins with a bit of history.

Seems indigenous peoples used these plants extensively, long before the arrival of the Spanish and the Americans. How did this lead to the yearly Xmas explosion of red leaves and fundraisers? Best you read the stories yourself 🎅


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