Greetings in the Time of COVID

One of the benefits of smoking in a cigar shop is getting to visit with others. This usually involves some form of greeting - usually a handshake. It has been interesting to watch folks used to handshakes, hugs, or bro-hugs shift to fist bumps and head nods during this pandemic.

The awkwardness is always obvious and hasn’t seemed to diminish with time. Every customer entry is followed by some form of awkward greeting. The simplest solution seems to be a group hello reminiscent of Norm’s entries in Cheers. Otherwise, a simple “Hey, how ya doin” always works.

Like you, we are muddling through. Make no mistake, regardless of how awkward our greetings may be we are always happy you stopped by! We’re here 10-10 Monday through Saturday and 12-8 Sundays. Come in and we’ll discuss your preferred greeting -maybe even share a hug...


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