More on the Pandemic and Jobs

Even with a world wide vaccination effort and economies re-opening, we are officially still in a pandemic. Indications are that both work and economies will look different on the other side of COVID. While there isn’t plenty of agreement on what the future holds, some economists are calling the current recession a she-cession. The attached graph comes from a 2020 report by the Federal Reserve Bank of St Louis.

The name comes from the inordinate impact that governmental responses to the pandemic have had on women (from school closings to job losses). This article in Forbes provides a good summary. A recent ManPower Group survey and article points out that some women may not return to the workforce, and discusses what it might take to get them to return. (The US GDP would benefit from their return.)

On a positive note, it seems that women (especially single women) are still purchasing homes - despite the recession and job losses. Many articles indicate a tendancy for women to now focus on home ownership before family. This article from mortgage banking news source the MReport offers some details.

Shifting to a more local perspective, Scott Angelle offers some insight into how Louisiana might prosper as the nation shifts it’s energy usage. Finally, TopResume recently offered an overview of the roller coaster ride that has been the job hunt during a pandemic.

Yep, the more things change… 🤔


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