Mothers Day Reflections

Mothers Day was just last week. We all have (or had) mothers, so it is a big day. It really is a day that cigars get overlooked, but many moms smoke cigars (and lots of ladies who aren't moms)!

We begin with the Spring 1996 Cigar Aficionado where Rhonda Shapiro-Rieser writes "I am a cigar smoking mother who has been banished to the porch by the men in my family. I find this exile sweet, since it means that for one hour, whatever crises my men have are theirs to handle. Cigar smoke keeps more than mosquitoes away." The story centers around she and her son sharing cigars - wise woman.

Cigars make a great Mothers Day gift - something to share and enjoy together. With the current state of the world-wide supply chain, cigars may also be a more practical and accessible gift than the traditional bouquet. If you thought there were problems with back orders of your favorite cigars, check out this article from the Hustle about the state of the flower business. If you found one, you probably noticed that the price of that bouquet you bought last week had gone up a bit.

Statista checked to see where folks really got into the spirit of Mothers Day, and found that many people around the world see the day as "a hassle pushed on us by commercial entities". Really - just look at the graph! It is nice to note that in the United States most of us still celebrate mom because we want to (54%). In Denmark, though, 61% of respondents felt like Mothers Day is celebrated "because of pressure from commercial entities." (FYI - Danish and Dutch are not the same thing.)

Fortunately, you don't need a special day to sit and share a cigar with a mom! Don't wait a year before you extend an invitation 😉


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