No Skimpflation with Cigars

You've probably read about how the inflation rate has doubled since the beginning of the pandemic and now hovers around 5%. Did you also notice that servings are getting smaller, wait times longer, and service just isn't what it once was? This skimping to keep costs down has been termed skimpflation. Read the NPR article or check out a brief explanation in the Hustle.

Rest assured, though, that your premium cigars do NOT suffer from skimpflation! Manufacturers may have trouble keeping up with production but not at the cost of quality. Tabernacle fans know how hard it has been to find the CT-142. That is because the crop did not come in as expected. We do have some now! Other companies have been starting to catch up on their back orders (not the Deadwood line).

So grab your favorite cigar, pour your favorite adult beverage, and ponder the joy of knowing that some things are immune to skimpflation. Thank the QC gods!


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