Olympians Have Bills

As you watch the Winter Olympics, you may be struck by some of the same questions we struggle with. How does Sean White do what he does? Why would anyone take up the skeleton? Is curling really a sport? Could I become a biathlete? How do Olympians pay their bills? That last one sent us looking...

"The International Olympic Committee (IOC) does not pay athletes a cent for appearing in the Olympics. They must fund their way from their own pockets or through other means." In the United States, "the United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee serves as both the National Olympic Committee and National Paralympic Committee for the United States." The USOPC is a federally chartered nonprofit corporation, and does not receive federal financial support (other than for select Paralympic military veteran programs). It is one of the only NOCs in the world that also manages Paralympic activities.

Athletes that compete for the United States, though, can get bonus money for certain medals. Much is made of these payments, but check the graph to see how small they are compared to payments given by other countries (or read the Forbes article). Unless an Olympian lands endorsement deals or a broadcasting job, they'll need to find some other way to pay bills - kinda like the rest of us 😏


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