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Premium Cigars for Cinco de Mayo

In case you didn't stock up at the Jake Wyatt event yesterday with Big Tony Gomez, we offer some other premium cigars suitable for a Cinco de Mayo smoke! Mexican wrapper leaves are typically grown in the San Andreas Valley and make very good Maduro wrappers. While they are usually simply called San Andres, you will sometimes see them referred to as moron or negro.

Many premium cigars use a San Andres wrapper. You might have a favorite, or ask for a suggestion. Maybe stop in today and pick up one of the two premium cigars discussed below. Bailey's Cigar Room in Carencro, LA is open Noon-8PM on Sundays.

A premium cigar inspired by the Mexican city squares known as Zocalos. A San Andreas wrapper covers an African Binder and Nicaraguan Fillers. Expect a complex smoke with a depth of flavor - earthy with hints of nuts, dark cherries, and cocoa. Bailey's carries the Toro.

With names taken from songs on the Johnny Cash album "At Folsom Prison", this is a line of medium-to-full bodied cigars. They feature a Mexican San Andres wrapper, an Ecuadoran Binder, with Nicaraguan and Dominican Fillers. Bailey's carries the OBS and Willy Lee.

If you already have a favorite Cinco de Mayo premium cigar, share your choice with us!

No matter what you smoke today - enjoy yourself!

A woman enjoys a Cinco de Mayo premium cigar.
I think I've found the perfect cigar for Cinco de Mayo!

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