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Premium Cigars, Louisiana Cigar Enthusiasts, & Sisters of the Leaf

The Louisiana Cigar Enthusiasts meet for premium cigars at Bailey's once or twice a month. We usually offer a discount or two for members, and there are often prizes. If you aren't a member, check them out on Face Book. You may not know that Kendall Stephens (that's her in the middle) is also a member of SOTL - Sisters of the Leaf.

She expressed some time back that Bailey's seemed to fit what SOTL would define as a woman friendly premium cigar lounge, and that we should look into joining SOTL. We did some research and discovered a few things. One was the Light 'em Up World website (which we discussed in a previuos post). More importantly, we decided to pursue becoming an official Women Friendly Accredited Cigar Lounge. We're working on making our certificate suitable for hanging, but we are now official! Of course, if you've visited Bailey's you already knew we always welcome both male and female premium cigar smokers. Still, it is nice to be accredited!

The LCE from May 2, 2022.
The Louisiana Cigar Enthusiasts meet at Bailey's!

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