Reminisce but don’t Regret

The holidays are usually a time for reflection. As we gather, via Zoom or masked or socially distanced, we tell stories and share news of our lives. It is also the time of year when lists of the best or worst start to appear. We reflect, and rank, and discuss, and eventually wish we had....

My 92 (soon to be 93) year old Aunt Lou stays in touch. I hear from her more lately as she is able to get out less. The restrictions placed on retirment homes forced her to finally start tidying up her digs. She sent me a “house paper” from 2013 (accompanied by a note explaining why). The newsletter contained a story lifted from FaceBook that we both agreed was probably not true.

However, the paper’s editor had added a note to the newsletter - “the moral of the story is...” Those words are worth sharing: Too many times we put off things that could change our lives forever. We put off saying things that would change the way other people look and feel about us. The clock never stops ticking and what seemed like a minute turns into years. Don’t put away those unspoken words, thoughts and deeds until tomorrow. Tomorrow may be to late....

Cigar smoking is often a solitary endeavor, providing plenty of time to think, to reflect, to reminisce. A cigar can also, though, be an invitation for conversation - whether via Zoom or in person (safely distanced). Read those lists of the best or worst from 2020, then grab one of your favorite smokes and gather some friends. Sit, smoke, and revel in the camaraderie that you create.

Then visit with those who are dearest to you and tell them how dear they are to you. Take some time before 2020 is over to tie up any loose ends, have fun, smoke that cigar you’ve always wanted to try. There is no telling what 2021 will bring! Why have regrets?


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