Smoking Cigars and the ACT

The ACT is one of those tests that almost every adult in the United States is familiar with. Almost all high school juniors and/or seniors take either the ACT or SAT. What is applicable here are some of the guessing strategies taught to those hoping to do better when they don’t know an answer. Just an FYI - it is better to guess on the ACT than to leave an answer blank!

One of those guessing strategies is to start in the middle. One technique you can use when just starting out with cigars is selecting medium bodied cigars. The logic here is that you’ll like the body and then just try other medium bodied cigars. You might find medium bodied a bit much, then you try a mild-to-medium cigar. Should you find the medium bodied cigar too mild, you’re next selection would be medium-to-full bodied. With one guess, you’ve hit on your general preference.

We use this approach often because we sell an excellent medium bodied cigar at under $6! The JC Newman House Hand Made Sungrown has an exceptionally easy draw. On a numerical scale for body (mild to full) of one to five, this cigar is a solid 3 - right in the middle. It is an excellent alternative to starting with a mild cigar! However, if you want to try the “mild first” approach, we’ve got ya covered there too...


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