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Premium Cigar Shapes

Updated: Jan 15, 2023

This picture was sent to us by a friend - we do not know where it was taken nor do we know the young lady smoking. We're not even sure what to call this cigar - panatelasaurus was suggested by Jon Newlin on FB. However, the picture got us thinking about premium cigar shapes and sizes...

Today we'll focus on premium cigar shapes, our next post will be about premium cigar sizes.

Parejo - the Most Familiar Premium Cigar Shape

According to Tobacconist University, "Premium cigar parejos are the traditional, straight sided, perfect cylinder with an open foot and a rounded and capped head." These are the typical cylindrical shapes you see most frequently. Cigars typically have three parts, regardless of shape - the filler, binder, and wrapper. The filler makes up the bulk of your cigar and is typically a blend of three to seven tobaccos. The filler provides the cigar's body. The binder holds the filler together and absorbs the bumps from the filler. The wrapper is the prettiest leaf and surounds the binder and filler. Wrapper leaves must be perfect and supply the cigar's flavor.

What about Box Pressed Premium Cigars?

Once rolled, all premium cigars are placed in molds to provide a consistent shape. Box Pressed cigars are placed in rectangular molds to get that rectangular shape, or prism. Box pressed cigars are simply parejos placed into rectangular instead of cylindrical molds. There really isn't much difference byond the shape and mouth feel.

According to Holt's Clubhouse, "Generally, box-pressed cigars are credited for offering a slower burn with a looser draw and, some claim, more consistent flavor." If you are a hunter or fisherman, box pressed cigars will not roll around when you set them on the blind or deck. They also do not roll around in your mouth while smoking.

"Culebra means snake in Spanish. The Culebra cigar is actually three panatellas twisted together, and it’s about as novelty as it gets in the cigar world." – Cigar Life Guy

Figurado - most of the other premium cigar shapes

According to Tobacconist University, "Figurados, or shaped cigars taper and bulge in a specific way to create a unique presentation and smoking effect. While all premium cigars take immense skill to roll, figurados are the most difficult shapes to create." These cigars can range from the more complex perfectos (tapered at both ends) or Solomons (a very large figurado with pointed, tapered heads and bulbous feet with a nipple tip), to the simpler torpedoes and pyramids.

One of the more popular figurados sold at Bailey's Cigar Room is the Arturo Fuente Hemingway Short Story - an awesome, flavor packed, small cigar. Another is the Punch Classico Champ which is more full bodied and a bit larger, but every bit as flavorful.

Culebra - the most intriguing premium cigar shape?

Christina Fontecchio, CMT of the La Aroma de Havana Cigar Lounge in Pismo Beach, CA has written a wonderful article about this set of three crooked cigars. You can find it on the Tobacconist University website. Some companies make these cigars with a tip covering all three meaning you smoke three cigars at once! Bailey's Cigar Room, though, sells the Villiger Culebra that is a set of three held together with a band. You break the band and share with friends. It is both cool and funny to see folks all smoking a crooked cigar!

It doesn't matter what shape cigar you smoke as long as you enjoy yourself. Always remember - smoke whatcha wanna!

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