The Return of Vinyl

At the beginning of this year statista published a report on the remarkable comeback of vinyl LPs (long play). A recent edition of the Hustle dives into what is fueling this resurgence. Seems it isn't just old folks with a sense of nostalgia.

While digital rules all music sales, 2021 was the first time in a long while that vinyl outsold CDs! The top ten selling vinyl albums are evenly split between new music and oldies. Even 26% of Gen Z-ers say they would buy a vinyl album from their favorite artist. Adele ordered so many vinyl records for her latest release (30) that there is now a global vinyl shortage! You know, supply chain problems 🙄

As for this week's photo...

Brian de Palma teamed with Paul Williams on a retelling of Phantom of the Opera based on The Picture of Dorian Gray. No opera accident but the Phantom has a record press mishap. The movie is a nice distraction, but a good cigar and the soundtrack will make for a pleasant trip down memory lane!


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