Thinking and Cigars

In 1990, psycholinguist and professor of education at Harvard, Frank Smith published the book to think. The book begins with a list of seventy-seven words that refer to thinking. Smith goes on to point out that all of the terms are ones used when people “look as though they are doing nothing at all” (page 4). “We say we are thinking when we are not evidently doing something else” (page 5). Even if we are not moving about, if it looks as if we are doing nothing, our brain must still be working. We must be thinking!

Most of us have been asked what we are doing when it is obvious that we are smoking a cigar! We have probably also told others that we are thinking when we are actually enjoying a cigar. Those simple words imply engagement - enjoying a cigar is a conscious mental activity. One has to focus on details, notice variations - or at least block out other distractions.

Too often, we speak of enjoying a cigar as an escape - in some ways it is. That escape does not have to be from anything. It is actually more of an escape to someplace - a mental place where we can focus on something other than the day’s problems, where we can focus on that good cigar.

Grab your favorite cigar, an adult beverage, and commnce to thinkin 🤔


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