Transformation through Cigars

Last month Deepak Chopra published an article on LinkedIn making the case that transformation is better than change (title of the article). It is an interesting article, but the last paragraph really hit home.

Chopra ends the article by stating, "...I think the possibility of transformation is the most important discovery anyone can make. It is the first step in all the transformations that follow. In fact, conscious transformation makes us human; it is the most precious gift of self-awareness."

That is really where cigar smoking ties in - self-reflection and conscious transformation!

Every cigar smoker has had some aha moment while smoking a cigar - maybe not Earth shattering, but insightful. Reflection is required for personal change, as is some conscious plan. Both are aided by time enjoying a good cigar! Maybe cigar smokers are the most human among us...

Now go transform something!


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