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Wildcat Brothers Rum and Premium Cigars, The Pelican Event

On August 10th, the folks from Wildcat Brothers Rum came to Bailey's Cigar Room for a joint event. Lexie Sellers mixed up smoked Old Fashioneds made with Wildcat Brothers' Noire Rum. These were paired with the Pelican Cigar from Fratello. A Louisiana rum and premium cigar!

Tait Martin explained what is meant by French-style rum and the importance of local sugarcane to Wildcat Brothers. Gary Cruice made sure that everyone got a Pelican cigar from Fratello. There was much discussion of flavors and premium cigar evaluation. Everyone even got to sample a variety of rums from Wildcat Brothers!

Before the festivities were over, numbers were drawn for a couple prizes. Kelli Cormier won a box of Pelican Cigars and Tony Arceneaux won a bottle of rum! Our next collaboration will be December 8th at Gator Cove! Lexie is working on a new specialty drink and Bailey's will bring the cigars! Stay tuned for details - you don't want to miss that event too.

Before December, Bailey's will play host to another rum event featuring Karl Malone's premium cigar. Stay tuned for details!

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