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Cigar Box Guitars

If you've been to Bailey's Cigar Room in Carencro, LA you've probably noticed some empty cigar boxes stacked along the wall near Kaw-Liga. You might have even noticed the cigar box guitar sitting atop one of our humidors. We give away cigar boxes, but save the more unique ones for two cigar box guitar builders - Kirk Dupre and Gerard Guidoni.

They build some amazing cigar box guitars, and have donated cigar box guitars to various fundraisers - such as Steaks & Stogies and Reguladores Cajun Heat. From time to time one of them will even stop in and play a bit! We thought it would be cool to have the two of them get together one day and talk cigar box guitars, play their creations, smoke some premium cigars, and maybe have an adult beverage or two.

This discussion rolled over to one of our events at Gator Cove, and one thing led to another! Bailey's Cigar Room and Wildcat Brothers Distilling present (insert drum roll) the Acadiana Cigar Box Guitar Festival! We hope this is our first annual cigar box guitar festival. As a first, things are a bit loose, but this is what you can expect:

  • Wildcat Brothers distillery tours and rum tastings

  • Kirk Dupre building, selling, and playing cigar box guitars

  • Gerard Guidoni of Bayou Cigar Box Guitars building, selling, and playing cigar box guitars

  • Cousin Joe's Cater de Cajun food rig selling food

  • Herman LeBourgeois and Tim Vice selling cigar band cups and mugs

  • Bailey's Cigar Room smoking and selling premium cigars

  • Abi Claire preformin 2:30 to 4:45

  • Special guest performers during he day, and oyher vendors

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