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Tercio Aged Premium Cigars

You did not read that incorrectly! Reminiscent of both the Alec Bradley Arcana series and the JC Newman Yagua, this Macanudo Inspirado is aged using Royal Palm bark (yagua) wrapped bales. After aging, the bundle is a palm leaf tighltly wrapped around the tobacco - kind of gift wrapped. EP Carillo also uses this method.

This premium cigar is a limited release in only Churchill and Toro sizes. Read Macanudo's description here, or the CA review here. We sell the Toro size at Bailey's Cigar Room, and still have a few boxes. Yes, we like these premium cigars very much!

Tercio wrapped bales aging along with other tobacco.
Tercio wrapped bales are on the left. Picture from Halfwheel.

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