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Are Premium Cigars a Must-Have for Super Bowl Sunday?

The Super Bowl sure has changed over the years! NFL players don't grab a quick smoke at halftime anymore. Patrick Mahomes has a helmet that makes him look like the Great Gazoo, and Taylor Swift may get more cheers than either team! While Tom Brady was a late draft pick, everybody now knows that Brock Purdy was last in his draft class. Finally, cigarette sales are down, while premium cigar sales increase.

All of this provides plenty of room for discussion before, during, and after today's big game. None of it answers the most important question for a premium cigar enthusiast - what premium cigars do I smoke today? You've picked out the perfect spot to watch the Super Bowl. If you are hosting, you've made sure all the preparations are complete. You've probably even spent extra time thinking about what to drink during the game - and maybe how to celebrate a big win.

Premum cigars are part of any big celebration and pair perfectly with watching sports! This, though, is THE game! It calls for not only special eats and drinks, but some special premium cigars. We've got some ideas!

If you don't want anything special, but really enjoy a premium cigar now and then avoid the more full-bodied selections. The Villiger Cuellar Kreme or Macanudo Inspirado White are two mild but flavorful premium cigars. You can get a bit more body (mild-medium) from the Villiger 1888, Artista Puro Ambar, or Espinosa Crema. The CAO Columbia is a medium bodied premium cigar.

If you want a premium cigar in the medium to full bodied range, we have several selections. You could double up on JFR - get a Connecticut and a Maduro. You might prefer a CAO Mx2 or Consigliere. You'll find the coolest premium cigar band on Oscar Valladares' Superfly!

If you want to pair with a particular alcohol you have fewer choices, but there's still a premium cigar for you. The JC Newman Brick House Double Connecticut goes perfectly with a Rye, while the Maduro is what you want with a Stout or Porter. It is hard not to suggest a Pappy van Winkle with whatever Bourbon you are drinking, but Fuente's Hemingway or Don Carlos will also work! If you are a rum drinker, don't forget the Karl Malone and the Pelican premium cigars.

We haven't even mentioned the difficult to find premium cigars or some of the more expensive lines. There are also infused premium cigars - Bourbon, Scotch, Rum, Tequila - or flavored cigars. There are even good bundle premium cigars for those guests who never seem to bring their own! In other words, you've got options! You also have time - Bailey's opens at Noon today (Super Bowl Sunday) and kickoff isn't until 5:30PM. Get movin then post a picture!

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