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More Sports and Premium Cigars

Our last post looked at premium cigars smoked as part of a win in sports. Our research revealed a photo new to us (see below)! Apparently, women also smoke cigars as part of a big win! Although, the Canadian Women's Hockey team caught some grief about their 2010 celebration.

We didn't find information about too many other premium cigar smoking female athletes, but Lisa Guerrero (formerly of Fox Sports Net), Elle McPherson (of Sports Illustrated swimsuit fame), and Rena Lesnar (formerly WWE's Sable) all smoke premium cigars! We did find that many famous females smoke premium cigars - Julia Louis-Dreyfous, Whoopi Goldberg, Heidi Klum, Jennifer Lopez, and Demi Moore. Many one-name stars also smoke premium cigars - Beyonce, Madonna, Rihanna, Shakira!

It is much easier to find lists of male athletes who smoke premium cigars or even interviews with specific guys. We'll skip the obvious dudes and present our own list by sport:

Baseball - Barry Bonds, Lou Gehrig, Alex Rodriguez, Joe Torre.

Basketball - Carmelo Anthony, Charles Barkley, Kevin Durant, Phil Jackson, Shaquille O'Neal.

Boxing - Gerry Cooney, Joe Frazier, James Toney.

Football - Mike Ditka, Ray Lewis, Steve McNair, Michael Strahan.

F1 - Fernando Alonso, George Russel, Michael Schumacher.

Golf - Miguel Angel Jimenez, Tom Watson.

Hockey - Martin Brodeur, Wayne Gretzky.

MMA - Connor McGregor, Alexander Volkov.

Professional Wrestling - John Cena, Vince McMahon.

Tennis - Andre Agassi, Pete Sampras.

None of their pictures, though, top the coolness of the Canadian Women's Hockey Team celebrating their Gold Medal win on the ice with beer, champagne, and premium cigars!

If we left out one of your favorites, let us know below.

Canada's Haley Irwin (21) and Meghan Agosta (2) celebrate with cigars.
Canada's Haley Irwin and Meghan Agosta celebrate with cigars after Canada beat USA to win the women's gold medal ice hockey game at the Vancouver Olympics in 2010. Chris O'Meara/AP

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