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Central America and Premium Cigars

Cigar Rights of America recently published an article by Cody Carden about the influence of Central American culture on the premium cigar industry. It is worth the read - informative and insightful. Those of us who enjoy premium cigars often speak about visiting this region and many premium cigar manufacturers plan junkets. We suggest making such journeys whenever possible!

However, do some checking before you go! The United States Department of State Bureau of Consular Affairs issued a Worldwide Caution Notice for US citizens on 22 October. In addition, a check of the Bureau's interactive Travel Map reveals that US citizens are encouraged to Reconsider Travel to El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua. US citizens are encouraged to Exercise Increased Caution if visiting Belize, Costa Rica, or Panama.

So maybe you don't make that trip just yet. Light up a premium cigar and spend some time reading about Central America and your favorite premium cigar manufacturers. Start with Frommer's!

costumed figures dancing at folk festival
A local celebration in Nicaragua.


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