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ProCigar 2023 - Bailey's Cigar Room checks out Premium Cigar Manufacturing in the Dominican Republic

If you stopped by the shop last week, you might have noticed that Jaime and Gary were not around. Then again, you might not have noticed - Quinn, Richard, and Tasha had things well under control. Leigh was even ready to pitch in if needed! The question at hand, though, is where were Jaime and Gary? No, this post isn't a Where's Waldo type game, but a plug for one of the coolest cigar festivals you'll find - ProCigar in the Dominican Republic.

ProCigar usually takes place in February and falls at the same time as TPE (more on that next time). ProCigar is aimed not at retailers but is designed for cigar smokers from around the world. You get to tour fields and factories, meet the folks responsible for the wonderful cigars we smoke, and spend plenty of time enjoying those cigars.

We can't recommend this trip enough! The flights can be long, but the trip is worth your time and money. You'll be treated very well while in the Dominican Republic with plenty to drink, eat, and smoke. You'll even be given cigars and swag to take home. The entire experience gives you a better understanding of the cigar making process from seed to finished product.

They are planning ProCigar 2024 right now - better start planning your trip!

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