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Flying Pigs as Premium Cigars

Pigs Flying
The Flying Pig is a hard to find premium cigar shape!

We've all heard the phrase "when pigs fly", but it seems that "pigs might fly" is more common outside of the United States! The phrase is typically traced back to a Scottish proverb. While there are also other animal based phrases to indicate unlikely outcomes (when hens have teeth), the Flying Pig is the primary one associated with premium cigars!

Drew Estate is probably the best known manufacturer of the pig shaped cigar. According to their website, the "unique size and signature pigtail is based on a photograph in an 1895 cigar salesman’s size selection catalog... There are six Flying Pig expressions landing this season. Kentucky Fire Cured, Undercrown Maduro, Undercrown Shade and Undercrown Sun Grown Flying Pigs will be available to all premium cigar retailers. Liga Privada No. 9 and Liga Privada T52 Flying Pigs will only be available at participating Drew Diplomat Program partners."

Bailey's Cigar Room is a Drew Diplomat Program Partner, and we currently have most versions of the Flying Pig in stock! However, there is also another pig shaped cigar in our stock that we must mention. The pig shape is a figurado with a pigtail cap, and measures about 4x60. Arturo Fuente's Rare Pink Queen of Hearts fits this description!

Both the Drew Estate Flying Pigs and Arturo Fuente Rare Pinks are special releases (meaning not always available). The Flying Pigs and Queen of Hearts measure about 4 inches (100mm) by 60 ring guage. The Queen of Hearts seems to be the less familiar premium cigar (at least at Bailey's). With an Ecuadoran Wrapper, Dominican Binder, and Fillers from both the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua the Queen of Hearts should make a nice addition to your pig collection (91 rating from CA). If you aren't sure about trying any of the pigs - just remember that when they are gone, you'll have a long wait before you see these premium cigars again.

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