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Premium Cigar Finish

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

Finish is a term usually used when evaluating cigars. This is the flavor left on your palette when you are done smoking. Simply, the feel and/or flavor at the finish! It can also be used to describe the flavor left between puffs of a premium cigar. CA has a nice short article expanding the concept.

The simplest way of explaining finish might come from HVC founder Reinier Lorenzo. In this edition of Miami Box Press he tells Rob Gagner of Boveda that a cigar with a clean finish won’t leave you with a weird taste in your mouth afterward—what smokers call ashtray mouth.

While this is true, cigar evaluations usually require a bit more specificity. In May of 2021, Next Cigar published an article that discusses some often used terms. You'll probably recognize smooth, creamy, spicy, sweet, and bitter - read the article anyway.

If you'd like some explanation about cigar ratings in general, Nick Perdomo explains some of the background behind them as well as the criteria used.

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