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Choosing a Premium Cigar for Beginners

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

You've been trying to convince a friend to sit and have a cigar with you, but they don't want to smoke the same cigar as you. Maybe you are looking to try cigars but aren't sure where to begin? Here's a little help...

Many beginning to smoke cigars think it best to start with a sweet or flavored cigar. This presents a conundrum. Did you like smoking a cigar or having a sweet flavor in your mouth? Was the experience similar to that of a Tootsie Pop or did you enjoy the tobacco? This isn't really a problem if you enjoyed the experience, but doesn't help you in choosing your next cigar.

We offer two other options...

Option #1 - Start Mild

The most common approach is to start mild (check out the posts about body and strength). A mild cigar will have some flavor but not overwhelm. We usually recommend the Fuente Chateau, Villiger Cuellar Kreme, AJ Fernandez New World Connecticut, Romeo y Julieta Real, Macanudo Inspirado White, Camacho Connecticut, Charter Oak Connecticut, or Perla del Mar Connecticut.

If you like smoking the cigar but want a bit more body, we just move you to something with a bit more body. Talk to us, we'll help ya out!

Option #2 - Start in the Middle

Another approach is to start with a medium bodied cigar. Check the posts on premium cigar body, strength, and flavor for more detail. At Bailey's Cigar Room we discuss body in terms of 1-5 (mild to full). A Medium Bodied cigar would be a 3.

The idea is similar to guessing on a multiple choice test. Either you like the cigar (done), or need something a bit milder (1 or 2), or need something a bit bolder (4 or 5). With one cigar you know what to look for in your next cigar!

We recommend two different cigars for this approach - CAO Columbia and JC Newman House Handmade Natural. There are other premium cigars in this flavor profile, but these two offer a good starting place.

Caveat - Corona, Rothschild, Robusto, or Toro

There is a tendency for folks to want to "go big or go home!" Avoid the urge to do this when choosing your first cigars. Best to not pick a cigar that is too big/long. This way you won't get bored sitting too long and you won't get overwhelmed by the cigar right away.

Time is always a factor, and premium cigars are made to be smoked in one sitting. You are smoking a cigar to relax - feeling rushed, overwhelmed, or wasteful won't help you relax!

Another issue, though, is the cigar's draw. Draw refers to the effort it takes to pull smoke through the cigar (how hard do you have to suck). A well made premium will offer an easy draw - nothing you have to fight with. Choosing the best size for an easy draw can be a bit counter intuitive.

Most beginning premium cigar smokers want to start with a very small ring gauge cigar. While this is logical, think of what it is like to drink a milkshake through a small straw - brain freeze! On the other hand, a premium cigar with too big a ring gauge will be uncomfortable and last too long.

You are searching for the same thing as Goldilocks - something that is "just right"! We suggest you begin with a Corona, Rothschild, Robusto, or Toro sized premium cigar. If you aren't sure what these are - talk to us, we'll help ya out!

Walking into a new place and asking for help can be a bit intimidating! At Bailey's Cigar Room, we understand - so do our customers. Stop in and look around. We'll offer our assistance but you are welcome to browse on your own. No matter where you get that first cigar or who you smoke with the process should be the same - cut, light, chill...

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