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Premium Cigars for Spring

The time has changed and the official first day of Spring was this past week. As you get back outside, maybe try smoking something a bit on the mild side. Here are a few suggestions from our humidor, and even some pipe tobacco suggestions.

Woman savors a premium cigar to celebrate Spring.
Savor a premium cigar to celebrate Spring!

Check out our premium cigar suggestions, then tell us about your favorite Springtime smoke!


Known for their milder premium cigars from the Dominican Republic, Ashton's Cabinet line features a beautiful Connecticut wrapper over Dominican Binder and Fillers. We carry the Corona and Magnum. Also try one of their smaller premium cigars - Half Corona or Senorita.

AJ Fernandez

Known for his more full bodied premium cigars, AJ Fernandez makes a couple of delicious milder cigars. The New World Connecticut is mild but flavorful, while the New World Cameroon is mild to medium bodied with a totally different flavor. Maybe even try the latest New World, the Dorado.

"If smoking cigars is not permitted in heaven, I won't go" – Mark Twain


If you insist on spending a bit more on your premium cigar, try the Cohiba Blue or Red Dot (Cohiba's best selling cigar in the United States).

La Aroma de Cuba Connecticut

Ashton released the La Aroma de Cuba Connecticut this year! A milder version of the Original La Aroma de Cuba in three different sizes.

La Aurora

La Aurora makes the Leon Jimenes, which is a mild premium cigar. It was featured at our first Steaks & Stogies! We also carry the 1903 Cameroon in a 6x60 - an unusual size for that wrapper! Their Cameroon wrapper has a shiny reddish hue and a rough texture that has been found on La Aurora premium cigars since 1903.

Flavored Premium Cigars

Spring mornings are the perfect time to sit on the patio or porch with a cup of coffee and a premium cigar. We carry the South Beach Mocha Latte (thanks to Jerry) which tastes just like the name. There's also Drew Estate's Tabak - Dulce and Negra. Tatiana's Mocha Stobona is coffee flavored with a mild sweetness and a hint of chocolate. FInally, the Macanudo M Coffee is a cup of coffe disguised as a premium cigar!

Pipe Tobacco

We brought in Sutliff's Strawberry Delight as a Springtime smoke. We've also got Apple, or try our own blend Uncle Jim (thanks to Uncle Jim). There's also Peter Stokkebye's Nougat and Optimum.

There you have it! A few of our suggestions to help get your Spring rolling. Come in and browse our selections. Pick out something new or an old favorite, than leave your thoughts below!

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