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Pairing Premium Cigars with Coffee

Coffee may be the most versatile premium cigar pairing around. You can have it hot or cold, sweet or bitter, dark or light. Premium cigars and coffee pair together very well. While the caffeine in coffee gives you a boost of energy to help get your day started, the nicotine from a premium cigar helps to relieve the stress brought on by a long day of work ahead of you. That’s why this is the perfect way to start your day. (Escobar Cigars)

Nirka Reyes of De Los Reyes Cigars put it this way in an interview with Cigars & Leisure:

When I get to my office, I have this beautiful lady called Josefina, we call her Fina, who brings me coffee. She makes the best coffee in the world and will bring me a cup every morning. Then I have my first cigar. It’s a tradition that I learned from my father, and he told me, “When you start your day, you should start it right.” You smoke a cigar, drink a cup of coffee, and you meditate on what you want to do with the day, meditate on your blessings. And that’s what I do. It works; it allows me to ease into my day and come at it with a positive mind, and then it doesn’t matter what happens during the day. I’ll have the right attitude.

It shouldn't surprise anyone that the prime regions for growing tobacco and coffee are the same - between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn. This could explain some of the similrarities in flavors between premium cigars and coffee. You'll find many websites and blogs happy to tell you exactly which coffee is best, which premium cigars are best, and what to pair. You know we don't do that! Keep in mind, though, the advice we offered about pairing cigars with rum - think complimentary not contrasting. A dark roast coffee with a more full-bodied premium cigar, or a light roast with a milder premium cigar (keeping in mind that light roast coffees typically have more caffeine than dark roast). If you prefer a mocha, maybe try a medium-bodied or flavored premium cigar.

Since you'll ask, we serve Community Dark Roast at Bailey's (although we have been known to work in some Canimao Coffee). As for premium cigars that we pair with coffee, almost anything in the humidors, really! Stop in to try a new pairing or tell us your favorite in a comment!

A lady enjoys a premium cigar with her morning coffee.
Coffee may be the most versatile drink to pair with a premium cigar.

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