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Premium Cigars and Brain Health

In May of 2020, the journal Nature Neuroscience published research indicating a link between "diversity in real-world daily experiences" and happiness. The research was partially funded by the National Science Foundation which offered a separate analysis: "This research provides novel insight into how variety in daily experience improves mood and how the brain generates that improvement."

You might think this has nothing to do with cigar smoking, but read on...

In a recent edition of Psyche, Kailas Roberts discusses how humans are living longer and the increasing importance of maintaining brain health. One of the key elements is "doing things your brain is not used to" (usually referred to as novelty and diversity). A second important element is connecting with others. Still wondering about how cigar smoking fits in?

Get out and smoke new stuff! Go to your favorite cigar shop (maybe Bailey's Cigar Room in Carencro, LA), grab a cigar you have yet to smoke, sit and visit a bit. Tomorrow, try a different shop and a different cigar. Voila - novelty, diversity, and camaraderie! Make sure to actually hold conversations with others (including listening) and try cigars out of your normal comfort zone.

You'll enjoy yourself and your brain will be happy!

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