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Women DO Smoke Premium Cigars

Cigar smoking is often thought of as just for males. Walk into any shop though and you’ll find that they have more than a couple female customers - usually regulars. You can even find many women who work at cigar shops (including our’s) and even some female shop owners. Check out cigar groups on FB and you’ll find multiple pictures of women enjoying a cigar.

You can even find multiple female cigar reviewers - writing thoughtful and informative reviews. We've consulted Jamie Stevens, CigarEyes717, on a few occasions! Historically cigar rollers have been primarily women, and this is still true today. The task of sorting wrapper leaves is primarily done by women because they seem to notice slight color changes better than males! Most manufacturers have some female sales reps. Our two pipe and pipe tobacco reps are female. Jennylynn Hunter is our Drew Estate rep and has been very helpful as Bailey's has grown!

Our recent Foundation Cut and Light was hosted by a husband and wife team - Fish and Marsha. You may remember that Big Tony Gomez made sure Espinosa helped Bailey's celebrate our 1st Birthday in style. Yes, his wife was also here! We have couples who are regulars, and many single ladies who come sit and smoke.

You'd probably be surprised at how many women are in management and ownership positions throughout the premium tobacco industry! Feel free to leave your experience of women in the cigar industry below. Meanwhile, check out the great YouTube series from JC Nemwan Cigars - She Smokes Too.

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