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Premium Cigars and the FDA

Those of us who enjoy premium cigars have been under the cloud of increased possible FDA regulation since 2009 when Congress passed the Tobacco Control Act. While this act was designed to give the FDA the ability to regulate cigarettes and vape, the FDA decided to treat all tobacco products as if they were cigarettes. The Premium Cigar Association and Cigar Rights of America have been fighting the FDA since 2014, in court since 2016.

After some smaller victories, Judge Mehta in the United States District Court for the District of Columbia has struck down the FDA's extended authority to regulate premium cigars. Premium cigars are typically defined as hand rolled using long filler tobacco. The ruling seems to lift a fog that has surrounded the premium tobacco industry for some time now.

This news has been met with much celebration and some discussion. Read the CRA statement, the CA article, or watch the PCA discussion. Read the New York Times article that discusses what may come next. Come by and ask questions or join our discussion! Maybe even make a comment now!

LCE meets at Bailey's CIgar Room.
Judge Mehta's ruling means folks like the LCE can continue to enjoy premium cigars!

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