Premium Cigars are not Cigarettes

All of us who smoke premium cigars know that there is a difference between them and cigarettes. It has been said that "a cigarette is a break and a cigar is an event." It has also been said that a cigar is "an invitation to conversation." There has been some confusion, though, about health risks.

A recent study published in the Harm Reduction Journal offers some clarification. The study found that premium cigar smokers "had no statistically significant evidence of increased mortality from all causes, heart diseases, malignant neoplasms, cerebrovascular disease, smoking-related diseases or other causes." Yep, smoke on!!

There are any number of websites, magazines, blogs, or videos that will tell you what to smoke. These will also tell you how to cut, light, and smoke your cigar. There are even those that list rules for hanging out in your local cigar shop or lounge. Few, though, discuss when and how to finish your cigar.

If you've ever watched a cigarette burn, you know they stay lit unless wet. Cigars, lacking added chemicals, don't stay lit unless you puff on them. When you are finished smoking a cigar, simply set it in the ashtray. It will go out. No need to mash or tamp your cigar (like a cigarette). One nice thing about letting your cigar go out on it's own, no stale ash smell!

When should you stop smoking a cigar? That's easy, when you've had enough...


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