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The Premium Cigar Shows

If you follow any of the premium cigar or accessory manufacturers, you are bound to have noticed many recent posts about "the show". You might not, though, know that there is more than one "big show" (not counting the professional wrestler). When it comes to premium cigars, there are two primary trade shows - PCA and TPE.

TPE used to be called the Tobacco Product Expo but has changed it's name to Total Product Expo. The name change reflects the increasing presence of vapor and alternative products alongside premium tobacco products. This show is held in Las Vegas near the start of each year (1st Quarter).

PCA is both a trade organization and a trade show! The Premium Cigar Association is the leading authority and advocate for the premium cigar and pipe retailer industry. PCA hosts a trade show each July. Yep, that's the one going on right now! This show is also usually held in Las Vegas, but the 2025 show will be in New Orleans, April 11-14!

Las Vegas will also play host to a pipe show in October of this year. The Las Vegas International Pipe Show will be held at Palace Station. United Pipe Clubs of America also sponsors several local shows each year. There is even a Pipe Smoking Championship and, of course, a Cigar Smoking Championship. We should also mention CRA.

Cigar Rights of America is the first and only consumer-based, public advocacy group fighting to protect the individual’s right to enjoy premium, hand-rolled cigars. You can actully join CRA and receive a discount at Bailey's Cigar Room (and others). Bailey's is a CRA Great American Cigar Shop and will be offering this year's version of the CRA Spring Freedom Pack. Come check it out.

A couple smoking premium cigars at a TPE booth.
TPE doesn't just feature premium cigar products.


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