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March Madness

Everybody knows that March is the focus of the NCAA Basketball Tournament, but there is much more to March Madness. Bailey's will be involved in it all! Here's a day-by-day breakdown...

⏰12th - Daylight Saving Time begins at Midnight tonight, but most clocks adjust themselves.🌞

🏀12th - Men's NCAA Tournament Selection Sunday - get your bracket ready!✍🏽

⚾14th - LSU hosts UNO, BR vs NOLA!🎭

🍀17th - St Patrick's Day - Get a Filthy Hooligan or one of our Newsletter Specials💨

🍷19th - St Joseph's Day - Visit an Altar, then come get one of our Newsletter Specials💨

🏀23rd - The Sweet 16 games begin🍬

🔥25th - Pipe Smoking Competition! Our Second Annual Competition (have you registered?) with Conecuh Sausages for snacking while you watch the excitement🌭

👧🏽31st - NCAA Women's Final Four! 🏀


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