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More Premium Cigar People

You may have noticed that our last Blog post neglected to mention a couple of names. No, those folks weren't forgotten! We were setting up this post - featuring our newest team member and our least visible team member. Both, though, are premium cigar enthusiasts!

Those of you who visit Bailey's primarily on weekends probably know Richard Fisher. He is the latest addition to our staff at Bailey's. Richard has enjoyed premium cigars for some time, and was a customer before becoming an employee! He has been a quick learner - expanding his knowledge of premium cigars while also starting as a pipe smoker. Richard is currently a full-time student at UL-L, so we work around his class schedule. He works Saturday evenings and Sundays regularly, but also fills in during the week as needed. He has an interesting background and, as our youngest employee, a fresh perspective on most things. Maybe stop in and visit one Sunday!

Many of you have engaged with our stories on FaceBook. Those are created by Shelley Stroud-Pratt. Shelley has a full-time job, but also does some marketing work. She and her husband Tyler are both premium cigar smokers. However, they are also the proud parents of a toddler, Levi. This should explain why we don't see them at Bailey's as much as we used to! Shelley swears that as soon as the appropriate baby-sitters are arranged, she and Tyler will attend events.

If you have read all of the 2024 Blog Posts, you are now in the know about the coming year. If you haven't read all of this year's posts - grab you favorite beverage and a premium cigar, then get to studying...

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