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Tobacconists Plan for 2024

The Premium CIgar Association (PCA) is a trade organization dedicated to the current and future success of brick and mortar premium tobacconists. The organization ended 2023 with a survey of member tobacconists. The primary response was a version of "keep on keeping on." You can read the entire article here. We decided to think about the coming year and our plans. Read on...

We'll turn four this year and our humidors have finally stabilized. Don't expect any major additions or deletions of lines. We expect to alter/expand our offerings from Crowned Heads and La Aurora, but have to work with our reps on what/how. We'll also be changing up our Ashton offerings. Expect to see the La Aroma de Cuba Connecticut on the shelves soon! We'll also be offering the Casa de Suenos Connecticut. We hope for that to happen in conjunction with Steaks & Stogies - along with a visit from the entire Casa de Suenos crew! Steaks & Stogies is scheduled for Monday April 22nd at Steamboat in Washington, LA.

Cars and Coffee Lafayette will return twice this year - April 27th and July 27th. The July event will again be their Back to School Drive. These events have done so well that we're also going to try a bike show! We're going to host the Reguladores Cajun Heart Chapter on Saturday March 9th. Stay tuned for details!

Our biggest change this year will be our partnership with Wildcat Brothers Rum. Expect to see multiple events at Gator Cove! Our first such event this year will be Friday March 25th. We're still working on the cigar and drink pairing, but stay tuned for final details.

There you have it! No major changes, but some slight alterations. Our in house tobacconists should stay the same, but Leigh Babineaux is getting close to graduation. If you haven't heard, Graham Beduze has moved on to a position with the new Carencro Mayor. Who knows, 2024 may even be the year Quinn Hebert becomes a Certified Retail Tobacconist!

Bailey's Cigar Room employees.
While Graham Beduze has moved on, Bailey's still has the same crew.

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