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Next Up, Andullo Tobacco

We've been talking about Drew Estate's use of perique tobacco and Pappy van Winkle cigars. La Aurora Cigars in the Dominican Republic uses a technique similar to that used for perique to produce Andullo tobacco.

La Aurora is the only company still using this process and producing Andullo tobacco. They also make the Karl Malone Barrel Aged cigars, which you can buy at Bailey's Cigar Room. Omar de Frias of Fratello Cigars was looking for a way to highlight this tobacco and it's similarity to perique. During a meeting between Omar, Karl, and their teams the Pelican Cigar was conceived. It highlights Andullo tobacco and can only be purchased in Louisiana - the box even resembles a Louisiana license plate! We also sell the Pelican at Bailey's Cigar Room!

The processing of Andullo uses pressure like the processing of perique. However, there are no barrels used. The pressure is applied using yagua leaves and rope. You may remember another cigar that wraps tobacco in yagua leaves, but that's another story...

Checking the yagua wrappings on a sarta.
Andullo tobacco being aged in the Dominican Reupblic.


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