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Perique Tobacco, Cigars for Warriors, and Uncle Brody

Take a close look at the picture! Yes, that's Storm Boen from Cigars for Warriors. Look closer! What's that next to him? Why, its a Pappy Van Winkle ashtray stand (with ashtray)! Yep, there's one of those at Bailey's Cigar Room, and it was a gift from Brody Fontenot! We'll get Uncle Brody to provide the full story himself, but here are some interesting connections.

This picture was taken at one of Drew Estate's Barn Smokers held at the L.A. Poche Perique Processing Facility in Convent, LA. Drew Estate uses Perique tobacco in their Pappy Van Winkle Family Reserve Barrel Fermented cigars. Before the pandemic, Drew Estate held Barn Smokers at the L.A. Poche Facility. However, there has not been a Barn Smoker in Louisiana since things were shut down due to the pandemic.

Drew Estate probably uses more Perique than any other cigar manufacturer. Their Larutan line of cigars used to also use some Perique, but that line has been discontinued. Perique, however, is used mainly in pipe tobacco blends (with some used in cigarettes). Perique is considered a condiment tobacco, being too strong to smoke alone. In fact, Mark Ryan originally bought L.A. Poche to make sure he could get the tobacco needed for his Daughters & Ryan pipe blends!

Bailey's sells the Pappy Van Winkle cigar, and several pipe blends containing Perique. We promise future posts about both, as well as a post about Andullo tobacco from the Dominican Republic (which is very similar to Perique). We'll even get Uncle Brody to write down that story of his!

Until then, come check out the Chief and Pappy, have a cigar, and tell a story of your own!


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