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Movies that Include Smoking Cigars or Pipes

If we asked you to name a movie with a cigar smoking Scotch drinking protagonist, would you have said Ralph Bakshi's Wizards? Neither would most folks! The hero, Avatar, often holds his cigar with his toes - but he is rarely without a cigar.

The most recent issue of Cigar Aficionado is all about movies. That got us thinking and we decided to ask around about premium cigars in movies. We polled the crew here at Bailey's, asked some regulars, checked in with key Manufacturer Reps, and with our affiiated FaceBook groups. We asked for a favorite movie that included pipe or cigar smoking. Here's what we got...

The top vote getters fall into three well known movie genres - Fantasy, Gangster, and Western.

You can probably guess the Gangster movies! Scarface received the most votes (but none for the original). Good Fellas and the Godfather were also well represented.

All of the votes for a Western went to Sergio Leone's Spaghetti Westerns - Fistfull of Dollars; For a Few Dollars More; The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. These are also known as the Dollars Trilogy or the Man with No Name Trilogy.

Our voting pipe smokers all voted for the same movie(s) - Lord of the Rings. However, the Fantasy genre also featured a famous cigar smoker, Hellboy!

As always, there were outliers. SOTL Kendall Stephens chose a TV show - The Beverly Hillbillies! Irene Ryan, who played Granny, was usually holding her shotgun or puffing her corncob pipe. Gary also chose a comedy but he stuck to movies with cigars, Major League! Cerrano & Jobu...

Now its time for you to add to our list...

poster featuring main characers from the movie Wizards
Movie Poster for Ralph Bakshi's Wizards

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