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Contemplating Premium Cigars and the Local Cigar Shop

A recent article from the Light 'em Up World Blog caught our attention. This is a wonderful site - well worth some time. We were pleased, though, to find that our little premium cigar shop in Carencro, LA seems to be doing the right things. The article discusses four main areas for shop evaluation. Let's look at each...

The People & Their Expertise - We have wonderful customers! Expect to be welcomed when you enter, not just by an employee but also by our customers. They'll also wish you well as you leave! Our employees are also something special. Jaime, our owner, is as good a conversationalist as you'll meet - knowledgable, well informed, and kind. Gary is a Certified Retail Tobacconist. Quinn not only has a broad knowledge of pipes and pipe tobacco, but also experiments with growing tobacco. Leigh, Tasha, and Richard all came on board with some premium cigar knowledge, and have been busy learning and expanding their understanding of premium tobacco.

The Product - While our humidor isn't huge, you'll find a wide variety of premium cigars. Our Flavored and Sweet Humidor is stocked with offerings from a variety of companies in a range of prices and sizes. Our Main Humidor features some boutique lines and familiar names. We try not to duplicate flavor profiles and to keep most prices around $10, but we have 40 selections under $8! We also have a separate humidor for our more expensive offerings, but nothing ove $30.

The Experience - We work hard to provide a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. You'll find comfortable furniture in each of our three seating areas. Each area also has a television. You'll also find a clean restroom! The vibe changes as the crowd shifts from day to evening, but everyone comes for the relaxation and camaraderie. Bottled Water, Sodas, and Coffee are always complimentary. Join us on a Saturday morning for coffee and our own version of CBD - Cracklin, Boudin, and Donuts!

What's your favorite thing about Bailey's? Tell us here and/or give us a shout out on social media.

As always, we thank you for your support!

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