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2023 Premium Cigar Best Sellers

Jaime Ougel and Bailey at Bailey's Cigar Room
Owner Jaime Ougel with our namesake, Bailey.

Last year saw sales improve and brought us some new customers. While we've now been open 3 years, we're still a discovery for many locals! We appreciate you spreading the word, and are thankful for your continued support! While there were some changes in our humidors during 2023, the list of best selling premium cigars will contain many familiar names! Today we'll cover numbers 10 through 5. Next week, we'll present the Top 4 Best Selling Premium CIgars for 2023.

This mild and creamy Connecticut Toro Gordo has been among our best sellers every year! It is one of the cigars we recommend for those who are just starting to smoke premium cigars or who smoke infrequently. You've probably seen the beautiful white box on the shelf. Maybe try one this year. Look for our specials on their 10 count boxes!

We only started carrying these flavorful premium cigars this year! They sit in a jar on our counter. Their aromatic scent has convinced more than one customer to try them. That's usually all it takes to discover a new favorite! Next trip in, try out your new favorite cup of coffee cigar.

While we sell this line in all three wrappers - Cameroon, Connecticut, and Oscuro - it is the Oscuro that made this year's list. A box-pressed Nicaraguan puro that always gets good reviews. If you've not tried this medium to full bodied beauty, treat yourself in 2024! This is the first time AJ has made our list of best sellers, but it certainly won't be the last.

The second of three premium cigars from JC Newman to make our list of best sellers! The Julius Caeser is named for JC Newman's founder - who originally had no middle name. Needing a middle name to complete his immigration paperwork, Julius went with the officer's suggestion! We only carry two members of the Diamond Crown line - the Julius Caeser and it's more full-bodied cousin, the Maximus. Maybe try both this year! Also, stay tuned for a special Diamond Crown event later this year.

If you're a regular to Bailey's humidor, you know that we are one of the few places you can find Artista Cigars! While we've been carrying their products since 2020, this is the first year two lines of their premium cigars made our best sellers list. The box-pressed Buffalo Ten comes in three different wrappers. We carry the mild Connecticut and the medium bodied Maduro. The Maduro features a San Andreas wrapper and a bit of American filler, while the Connecticut has a Cameroon binder. We got to visit the factory in Tamboril this year. It was a productive trip, but more on that later this year!

Number Five: JC Newman House Handmade

The third premium cigar from JC Newman to make the 2023 best seller list is the House Handmade Sungrown Toro. We've carried this cigar since we opened, but it hasn't made our best seller list until now. If you haven't heard of these before, you haven't checked that big box on the bottom shelf! While this is a budget cigar, it is a well constructed medium-bodied cigar that provides a consistent smoke. Next time you visit Bailey's, try one - it won't break the bank!

That should be enough to get the New Year started! If you haven't perused our premium cigar offerings of late, stop in and check out the changes. We've made some additions in all of our humidors! We think you'll be pleasantly surprised. We'll finish up our Top Sellers List next week, but before you go - leave a comment, or share your experience with the premium cigars listed.


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