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Premium Cigar Flavor Terminology

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

Everyone has a different palette, and the meaning of any term resides in the speaker's mind. It makes sense, then to establish some sort of common vocabulary for discussing the flavor of premium cigars. Each of us will still experience a cigar differently, but a common terminology should make it easier to discuss what we are tasting.

A quick Google search will yield many different flavor wheels - for cigars, chocolate, Bourbon, etc. The included image is of the flavor wheel supplied with the Rojas Cigar Specialist Volume 1 kit. Some can include so many terms as to become overwhelming. The Rojas Wheel is one of the more minimalist, but offers a good variety of flavor terms.

Notice the general categories - almost all of the flavor wheels have similar general categories. These are the terms that usually come easiest when trying to describe a cigar's flavor. Start there and get to more specific terms as you get more comfortable discussing flavors. Don't get discouraged if others say they taste a wider variety of flavors than you. They don't smoke your cigars for you, nor do they have your palette.

You'll probably notice that the cigars you like have similar flavor profiles. Get comfortable with what you like and then start to stretch your palette a bit - small steps, not leaps and bounds. We'll be happy to help you discover new cigars based on your current preferences or recommend cigars to get you started. Please, though, don't let someone tell you what to smoke. You're buying and smoking, smoke what ya want!

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