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Premium Cigar Flavor

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

You'll often read about a cigar having particular notes, or a fellow premium cigar smoker may say they get hints of something. In both cases, the real topic is cigar flavor. This isn't to be confused with flavored cigars, and is a bit more than taste alone. Let today's entry serve as an introduction and guide. Future entries will each delve deeper into different aspects of flavor.

The folks at Cigar Sense offer courses and assistance in choosing cigars. They have done quite a bit of research and take a pretty scientific approach to evaluating cigars. They have found that "87% of cigar lovers consider flavor as the most important criterion when choosing a cigar". They also discuss the benefit of "some sensory knowledge of other gourmet products" and assistance from trained professionals.

The gentleman pictured might be considered the consummate cigar professional! Jorge Luis Armenteros, CMT is the President & Founder of Tobacconist University. TU refers to flavor as "what we perceive when taste and aroma combine." The result is a synergy between taste, smell, context, and memory. A true mix of the tangible and the intangible, the quantifiable and the qualitative, of generalities and preferences.

There is a story that Jorge includes as part of the TU discussion of The Human Senses. It is a good story about discerning flavors in a premium cigar that also illustrates the value of smoking premium cigars - especially among friends. We use it as a way to emphasize the individuality of experiencing a cigar. We may discuss flavor in general terms, but each individual will experience a different flavor.

Remember, don't let anyone tell you what you should smoke or that what you taste is wrong! Enjoy each and every cigar. Maybe even light one up as you read Jorge's story about Moe.

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