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Premium Cigar Gift Specials

Only a few shopping days until Xmas - not much time to get those premium cigar gifts! Bailey's will be closed Xmas Day, but open regular hours Xmas Eve, Noon to 8PM. We still have plenty of gift options in stock, and offer free gift wrapping. Check out some of our premium cigar options...

  • AJ Fernandez 5 Pack Sampler

  • Brick House Best Seller Sampler

  • CAO Premier Fifty-Fours Sampler

  • Espinosa Knuckle Sandwich Sampler from Guy Fieri

  • Espinosa Las 6 Provincias

  • Fuente Anejo Reservas - two sizes

  • Kristoff 4 Pack Samplers

  • Partagas Cortado & Valle Verde Mixed Bag

  • Punch Gift Set

  • San Cristobal 5 Pack Sampler

  • Villiger 5 Pack Sampler

  • Villiger Export 2 Pack Deal

We've even got Peppermint Mocha and Cringle Flake pipe tobacco!

Don't forget to check out our Bailey's Logo Merch - cigar rest, cutters, lighters, and t-shirts!

If you don't make it in before Xmas Day, we'll be back at it on Tuesday the 26th with all of your favorite premium cigars and fresh coffee! We're also open regular hours New Year's Eve, but closed New Year's Day. Our Blog will also take a break until next year, when we start with a review of 2023. Until then, Happy Holidays!

man and woman with shopping bags of Christmas gifts
Get those last minute premium cigar Xmas Gifts at Bailey's Cigar Room.

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