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Premium Cigars and Rum

The discussion of what to pair with a premium cigar comes up often. Karl is smoking one of his cigars while drinking some of his rum. Bailey's will host a pairing of these two soon, but this week we'll have a ticketed event with Wildcat Brothers Rum. Bailey's carries the Pelican cigar - made for Fratello by La Aurora in the Dominican Republic. Karl Malone was in on the blending of this cigar, which includes some Andullo tobacco.

The Pelican is only sold in Louisiana so we'll pair it with a Louisiana Rum. We'll pair the Pelican with a Smoked Old Fashioned made with Wildcat Brothers rum! Wildcat will also offer a tasting of all their rums. This will be a ticketed event on Thursday August 10th, and limited to only 30 tickets.

How, though, should you choose a rum to pair with your favorite cigar? There are many articles on the subject. These usually focus on particular rums, but Diplimatico offers some general suggestions. We really like their 5 Steps for Pairing Premium Cigars and Rum:

  1. Always pair using similarities, never differences.

  2. Aroma can be as telling as flavor; be sure not to overlook either.

  3. Take time to appreciate the craft; neither rum nor cigars occur overnight.

  4. Remember, the manufacturing process determines outcome in both products.

  5. Above all else, make it fun!

Join us on August 10th for the first of many pairings featuring premium cigars and rum! Check social media and our Newsletter for future events. Click to sign up for Bailey's Newsletter.

Karl Malone with his cigar and rum.
Karl Malone enjoys one of his cigars and some of his rum

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