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Premium Cigars to Pair with Premium Tequila

Updated: Dec 4, 2022

Our last post discussed the rising popularity of tequila in the United States. While whiskey and coffee have long been favorites of cigar smokers, tequila seems to be gaining popularity as an accompaniment to a premium cigar. We decided to offer some suggestions on cigars to pair with you favorite premium tequila or tequila based drink.

The general rule for pairings still applies - look for a cigar that compliments your drink (and vice versa). The idea is to not have one over power the other, but to create a symmetry between the two. You want the cigar and drink to enhance each other, not diminish the experience.

The Margarita

Our suggestions really aren't based upon a specific tequila or drink, but the Margarita is just too ubiquitous to skip! On the rocks or frozen, the Margarita takes on many forms and can hit each palette quite differently. You might want to try a flavored cigar with your Margarita. In that case, we recommend Deadwood's Leather Rose. The infusion ensures the cigar's flavor will be there for the entire smoke, while the bit of leather and spice you get should pair well with any form or version of Margarita.

There are two other cigars we'd like you to also consider with your Margarita. Anything from Arturo Fuente's Hemingway line should pair nicely with any tequila, including a Margarita. We'd suggest a Short Story with a Margarita on the rocks. A different approach would be JC Newman's Brick House Double Connecticut. While this is a milder cigar, the use of a Connecticut binder and wrapper provides a bit of white pepper that should go nicely with a Margarita.

"A mellow cigar will balance out the flavors of your drink... while a full-bodied cigar will match the tequila’s intensity and provide you with an abundance of flavor.." – Cigar World

Alec Bradley Black Market Esteli

This is a medium to full bodied premium cigar made of Nicaraguan and Honduran tobaccos. Expect an oily, earthy, leathery cigar that will stand up to the most full bodied tequilas. While there are some hints of fruit, don't pair this with a mild tequila!

Ashton Symmetry

An Ecuadoran wrapper surrounds Dominican and Nicaraguan tobaccos. As the name implies, this is a well balanced blend developed in cooperation with the Fuentes. The combined effort created a mild to medium cigar that earned a 94 rating from Cigar Aficionado!

CAO Brazilia

A dark Brazilian Maduro wrapper surrounds Nicaraguan fillers, creating a full bodied cigar with a wonderful finish. Don't let the price point fool you - this is a cigar worthy of your most full bodied and well aged tequilas.

Macanudo Maduro

We present another dark Maduro, but this wrapper is from the Dominican Republic! The flavor of this line matches the richness of the exterior, but don't be fooled. This is a medium bodied smoke providing a smoothly rich experience that is sure to intrigue. This cigar is flavorful enough for any Resposado or Anejo, but pair with a Blanco or Extra Anejo if you need.

Oliva Nub Nuance Triple Roast

Let's close out with another flavored cigar, but this one isn't for pairing with your Margarita. While coffee flavored, this is a rich, medium to full bodied smoke. An oily Sumatran wrapper surrounds Dominican tobaccos, including some ligero! Expect a rich, earthy blend with hints of coffee, nuts, cocoa, and cedar. Save this for your Anejo or Extra Anejo neat - sip asnd puff.

Just remember that you want the cigar and your drink to compliment each other, to enhance your experience. Full bodied drinks usually call for more full bodied cigars, but not always. Experiment then share your results and suggestions with us. In the meantime - Cut, Light, Chill!

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